This video will demonstrate setting up a static IP in Ubuntu Server. Commands used in this tutorial(seperated by one blank line): ifconfig sudo vi …



  1. thank you ive been surfing around the web for a while now trying to find what to do if i couldnt find my etc/network/interfaces, thanks to you i found it at /etc/network/interfaces

  2. Ran into a problem after assigning static address to my VM NIC. I got "No route to host" for any network activity I tried. The solution was to assign a static address inside the VLAN range for the switch my host machine was connected to.

  3. Great video. Thank you… It all worked for me except I got the following message: failed to bring up eth0 instead of ssh stop/waiting etc… Why is that happening?

    btw, my IP changed to static, but i got the message "failed to bring up eth0"

  4. I've spent all afternoon searching for a network/interfaces tutorial and this one is by far the best one that I've seen yet. Thanks for doing the extra explanations for subnet, network and dns. <3

  5. Excellent video. Could you explain nameservers in detail. What is the significance of the google …. name servers? When and where do you put in the actual ip address ( if you have set up a server at home? If you have a web page with a DNS of do you have change their namesrver to point at your home server?

  6. I have followed this to the "T" a few times and every time I reboot the server I have to re-do the DNS nameserver info in the /etc/resolv.conf file. I have rebuilt the server now 4 times and still have the same issue. DNS nameservers refuse to save. What is screwed up or causing the resolv.conf file to erase all info wich has been saved. Thanks


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