Red Hat Linux Training video by Network NUTS. Showing basic Linux configurations to secure your Linux server from unauthorized access sharing tips like securing runlevel one, securing grub…



  1. You-sir, are owed a round of applause, and deserve rewards for the help you give for free. Because of guys like you, you allow people to become what they want, people speak about free and open knowledge, in reality very few practice it.

    You sir are a cut above,



  2. Thank you very much. This video is very useful to me. This videos help me how to secure our server in distributed system. I am start rhel 7 certified courses. so its very useful.

  3. i doing same as what u do in video but in 3rd case (shadow file deleted) in /bin/bash mode my pwconv Command not working display msg commad not found.
    then how to solved this problem ?
    pls guide me Mr.shrivastava

  4. Thank you for the explanation Sir , you are the best
    I'm still beginner on Linux in My class this semester , need lecture like .pls give me more information for linux . so I can practice more for Linux …Thank you Sir

  5. I want you to know that this is some of the best information that I have heard here.This is the kind of Admin tips and tricks that I need in my journey to become a Linux Administrator. Thank you for all that you do..


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