Here i explained about 1.What is NFS ? 2.How to setup NFS Server ? How to create NFS Shares ? 3.How to mount /access NFS Shares from NFS Client side?



  1. The prompt shows root@mylinux1. Does anyone know if he runs all the commands as root?? Also he is root rather than a 'normal user' when he shows it working. Are there going to be problems with ownership and permissions if you are a 'normal user'??

  2. Thanks loads, all works well in setting up server until I try and install the nfs part. I'm running mint 17.3 and so use "apt-get install nfs*" but that says that I have held broken packages, that I seem unable to resolve with the Synaptic package manager. Can you offer any help please??
    Thanks loads

  3. I think the step where you copy the packages in "/dev/hdc" to "/media" is unnecessary as the "nfs-utils"
    package is already installed (or) am I missing something? Anyways, great explanation. Thanks Venkat.

  4. this video is very clear and awesome.nicely explained sir…this video has given me 100% knowledge about nfs server….please upload all the server and hard disk management….

  5. Hi ! The tutorial is very awesome. However, the sound is quite hard to hear cuz i'm not an indigenous person. So, could you make a sub (CC) for this and for another. Thank you !


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