Hey guys..!! This is a video tutorial on how to hack any WiFi network with WPA/WPA2 encryption. Just follow the video and you will be able to learn the process quickly. In this video I have…



  1. If you want, you can accomplish the same list generation with python. Like this:

    with open('/root/Desktop/a.out','w') as f:
    for i in range(0,99999999):
    out = str(i).zfill(8) + "n"

    save that as something like numgen.py then execute it from terminal with:

    python numgen.py

    takes about a minute, and makes the same list. Keep in mind, at the time I write this code Kali ships with Python 2.7, not 3.5.

  2. Even when I am using a Wifi connection, I dont see Wlan0 when I type ifconfig, I ononly see eth0 and lo. Therefore I couldn't carry on with tutorial. Please what do I do?? (NB: I am using kali linux on a virtual Box)

  3. Isnt this the same video? Anyway i would love to see video about installing Nvidia drivers in newest Kali linux coz i cannot install it myself..I need it for "hashcat" so it works with my vidocard gtx 1060


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