CREATE THIS HAPPY FIRE ART FROM SCRATCH IN ILLUSTRATOR CC! | Learn to work with shapes, the Pathfinder, global color, CMYK, and much more in …



  1. 20:43: please don't mind yourself with it, nathaniel, 😉
    i'm sure everyone here is deeply grateful to you, that you so often so eagerly (and with such a swiftness) lead us through your entire process of recreating your sophisticated and beautiful artworks: from theirs very first shapes, to theirs very last touches.
    i've been learning so much from them..

  2. Hi, Nathan. When creating smaller objects you can use mathematical actions in the object size windows 🙂 example: 350px / 7 then the Illustrator calculates the size of the new object itself. I apologise for my English. You do a great job, I learn a lot from your films.


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