Saturday, January 19, 2019



Avocados From Mexico | Big Game Teaser #AvoSecrets

Just relax and let the glory of avocados consume your mind. Access the #AvoSecrets that exist deep within you! And prepare yourself for the...

Programming / Coding / Hacking music vol.2 (BRUTAL)

Music for clear mind and fast thinking. Try it brutal! Subscribe if you like! Play list ... source

Анимация в JavaFX

Вы опытный пользователь Java или только начинаете осваивать этот язык программирования ( source

Curso Python. Sintaxis Básica V. Las listas. Vídeo 7

En este vídeo vemos otra estructura fundamental en Python: las listas. Vemos su sintaxis y las operaciones básicas que podemos hacer con ellas. Para...

Student Teaching Sample


“Course Preview: Building More Python Design Patterns by Gerald Britton”

View full course: "Join Pluralsight author Gerald Britton as he ... source

Foreshadowing & Patterns In The Programming (KBS Ep’805)

Kev Baker & Scott Lopez discuss foreshadowing in the movies & TV shows. Kev talks about a disturbing pattern in the programming and gets...

#6 Avatar: The Legend of Craft – Python

Salutare Tuturor · · · ◇ Momentan descrierea este cam scurta, dar cu timpul vor aparea tot mai multe informatii. ◇ Steam: ... source

65. Programación en Java || POO || Método Constructor

Puedes apuntarte al curso completo en las siguientes plataformas: Programación ATS: Udemy: Un Constructor es una función, método, etc, de las... source

Understanding package.json and Express – Node.js Tutorial 2

Continuing from previous video, in this video we take a closer look at what package.json file is, it's role and how it's structured. We...