Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Plex Server Battle OS: Windows 7 vs Ubuntu Desktop

I put Windows 7 against Ubuntu to see which can be the better Plex Media Server.... Free Plex Account Link that helps me grow:...


Jak się podobało to zostaw komentarz i łapkę w górę to bardzo motywuje :) Potrzebne linki: VirtualBOX: http://bit.ly/2abWMTT Ubuntu http://bit.ly/2ajt3rr. source

Qué hacer después de instalar ubuntu 16.10 Y 16.04 LTS

LOS PASOS SIRVEN PARA AMBAS VERSIONES! Vídeo tutorial donde muestro que hacer después de instalar ubuntu 16.04 y 16.10, sobre todo para poder ... source

eXtern OS – Установка тест обзор. Прозрачная Ubuntu

eXtern OS - Установка тест обзор. Прозрачная Ubuntu www.Hackintosh-amd.ru https://externos.io. source

OBS Studio Tutorial (Ubuntu Linux)

A quick walk through on how to live stream using OBS-Studio on Linux. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Important * The new ... source

Майнинг на Linux Ubuntu

Как я запустил все на линуксе и что настраивал. UPDATE: кто хотел мониоринг, то он есть тут https://hive.kgroup.biz/ source

AimTux Tutorial – CSGO Hacks on Linux (Ubuntu)

Commands used in the video: To install the required programs to compile AimTux - sudo apt-get install cmake g++ gdb zlib1g-dev And then to...

GNS3 Tutorial – Installing then Connecting VirtualBox to GNS3 on Ubuntu...

This tutorial will go through the process to which you can use to install Virtualbox, configuring it, then connecting it to GNS3. Regards. source

OpenCV C++ on Linux Tutorial 1 – OpenCV 3.2 Installation on...

git: https://github.com/cesco345 twitter: https://twitter.com/Cesco345 email: fpiscani@stemapks.com OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open ... source

Huge News – Google Buys Ubuntu: First Look at Gobuntu

This is the biggest news for the Linux community in 2017. Google has purchased Ubuntu and we have the first ever look at Gobuntu...